Legend DVD Disappoints

I wanted to buy the DVD of I Am Legend. I went to Best Buy and found it in two versions. A single disk version for $16 and a two disk version for $22. The two disk version boasted an alternate version and a digital copy. I was excited about the prospect of a digital copy after my very positive experience with Blue Harvest. While standing in line I had some misgivings when I read the sticker.

The sticker read “Includes BONUS DIGITAL COPY”. When I looked inside I read, “Restrictions and limitations apply. Must reside in the U.S. or Canada and have and Internet connection. Windows Media&tm;compatible only. Not compatible with Apple® Macintosh® and iPod&reg devices. Visit http://digitalcopy.warnerbros.com for more information and compatibility. Offer expires 3/18/09.”

So it will not work on my Mac. It uses “PlaysForSure” DRM. And it will expire in one year. Just sounding better all the time. I went ahead and bought the 2-disk version because I am a sucker for alternate versions. We watched the movie. Still a great movie. The alternate version is on the second disk. I do not know what else is different but the last two scenes are changed. I went looking for more additional features on the disk and came up empty. Aside from the comics that were already on the web, the DVD was devoid of special features.

I really like this movie but this is clearly a case were the DVD is not worth the trouble. The Blu-Ray edition includes both version but does not appear to contain any other features.

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