Kata Prism U Backpack

I have been looking for a nice day pack for a while. I have been using the same MEI day pack since 1986. I have had to replace the shoulder straps on it once already and they are due to be replaced again. I use my day pack to haul my camera around. The problem is that it has no padding. This is not good for the camera. It also has just one big pocket which mean my lenses are loose with the camera.
I have two different camera bags but neither is practical for carrying with you when you travel. I did some searching online and thought the Lowepro bags looked nice. I went to my local camera store expecting to buy one. They are really nice but they are too much bag for my needs. I am looking for a much lighter day pack that I can also use as carry-on luggage. I was about to give up when my son handed me a bag from Kata.

I immediately liked the Kata styling. I looked at a few of their bags. They have messenger-style and traditional style bags too. The bags are made from a material that feels like a wet suit. The shape of the bags is somewhat rigid. The inside of the bag had holders for my camera and lenses. It has little velcro pouches for memory cards and extra batteries. And the best feature for me is the pocket for a laptop. I plan to put this bag to the test tomorrow.

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