iPhone Update 1.1.1 Returned Me to a Simpler Time

I updated to the 1.1.1 version of the iPhone firmware. I updated my phone knowing that it would undo my Jailbreak. I had installed a couple of dozen programs using AppTap Installer. This is a very easy to use and addictive program. Apple needs to take note of how well this program works. After my phone rebooted I was taken back to the simple elegance of the base design. I had gotten used to having to all the icons changes. I had gotten used to having to scroll through pages of icons to find the program I wanted. I had gotten used to being able to play Yahtzee! — OK, I miss Yahtzee! on my phone.

So what’s new? Not much. The only thing that is really new is the Mobile iTunes. I liked the iTunes program. it works well and is very compelling. The preview playback is almost immediate.

What do I miss? Besides Yahtzee, I miss the ringtones. I had my ringtone set to the Underdog carton them. If you are happy with 1.0.2, wait. Keep your mods. Wait for the community to catch up.