GTD with OmniFocus

I’m a recent convert to the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. I have heard a lot about it from listening to Leo Laporte podcasts. I did some investigation. I bought David Allen’s book. I have tried using the methodology using just iCal and am now trying iGTD and iCal. I recently learned about OmniFocus. This product seems to do things better than iGTD — for me anyway. While at WWDC, I heard about a small event to show off the product. I made my way over to the Westin. There I found Merlin Mann of 43folders fame, Ken Case of OmniGroup, and Ethan Schoonover of Kinkless GTD. The product is still beta but it looks promising. I got myself added to the beta list so I can try it out.

The event was very informal. It started with the usual introductions. Many people in the audience were already using the beta version and were active on the mailing list. Others, like me were familiar with GTD but had not used OmniFocus. A few people were just interested in general organization help.

Merlin is a very interesting character. He is the evangelist for this project. He also brings balance to the project with Ethan Schoonoveras playing the part of the other half of the brain. It was fun. Thanks Apple for providing the room and the food.

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