52nd Terr House

I visited to the Florida house today on 52nd Terr. N. and even met the owner and went inside. As you can see from the attached photos, the exterior has changed quite a bit. Because of the growth of the tree and plants all around, including the neighbors’ houses, I actually didn’t recognize it and had to verify the house number when I drove up.

I gave the owner a history lesson on the house – who built the back room, when the beams were put in, why there’s a big hole in the large beam, who put in the drop ceiling in the kitchen and how there’s probably still writing on the wall behind the sheet rock with our heights over the years.

The house has changed a lot too… The back door is now a solid wall and where the side AC unit was is now a sliding glass door out to the new in-ground solar-heated pool. The tangerine tree is gone and they poured a concrete back porch where the yellow brick porch was. There’s stockade fence all around, white floor tiles throughout the whole house, central heat/air (woo-hoo!) and the resale value of the home is somewhere around $250,000 (sorry Mom).

She said we are welcome to come back and tour the house anytime, so we’ll have to see if it’s still cheaper to fly into Tampa than Orlando when we go to Disney!

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