Return of the X-Files

I decided to give a couple of new shows a chance because their promos looked interesting and the started a week before everything else.
Supernatural on WB
Bones on Fox

I watched Supernatural off the DVR while working on other stuff. It did not really keep my interest beyond the first few minutes. After the initial teaser it broke down into an investigation of an urban legend. It was right out of an X-Files episode with the two stars even referencing Muldar and Scully when they saw some FBI agents at a crime scene. The episode has a thread that ties it togeter at the end but it did not succed for me. I removed it from my DVR timer and moved on to the next on the list.

Bones opens up just like Crossing Jordan. Within the first 5 minutes once character has already referred to him self and his CSI partner as Muldar and Scully. That’s just about the time I pressed stop and delete. Why are all these shows just regurgitating the same themes over and over again?

Oh goody, the premier of House is on next.


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