iPod nano/ROKR

I watched the Steve-Note address yesterday. I had anticipated the release of a new iPod. The iPod nano is beautiful. I have already talked to my mother about getting one but I am concerned about its interface. It only seems to support USB. The documentation does not qualify if that is USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 as the minimum. I do not know if it would be compatible with her Pismo G3 PowerBook. The alternative is a refurbished iPod Mini whith Firewire support, that I know is compatible.
The ROKR is another story. I’ve been itching for a new phone for a while. I have an aging Sony Ericcson T616. I just got my wife a RAZR which is better than I expected. If Motorola had added iTunes to that phone it would have been a hit. I guess I am most disappointed by the formfactor. It seems kind of clunky. It has no camera. With a half GB of RAM, I cannot complain. 100 songs? That’s like carrying around 10 CDs all the time. I think the memory is fine. At this point, I’ll wait for version 2.

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