Life on the Ranch

Well I’ve spent the last couple of days at my mom”s aunt and uncle’s home in Twin Falls and finally got regular access to a computer, and a scanner! So I’ve added a picture or two of me below.

Anyhoo, I’ve been having a blast working at this dude ranch in Ovando, Montana. I get to ride horses all day, go fishing and canoeing in the evenings, and have made some really good friends. The weather has been kind of crazy. On Saturday I took some people out on a trail ride, and the whole ride alternated between sunny, raining, and hail. We had ponchos, so we were fine. I’ve been working on my fly fishing cast, and it’s gotten quite a bit better. I’ve hooked several fish, but have yet to reel in anything. That’s ok, I’m perfecting my art. I’ve gotten a lot better at working with horses as well, since I’m around them all day every day. I’ve included a picture of me on a horse I like to ride a lot, El Dorado. I also stuck in a picture of me gutting a fish from a fishing trip my friend Angie and I took a few weeks back.

Montana has been gorgeous. All the wild flowers are in full bloom, and I keep trying to learn their names, but there’s too many of them! Augh! As soon as I learn their names, their blooming season is over and a whole new slew of them pop up. I keep trying though. It’s finally gotten pretty warm, at least it was until that hail storm came through. It’s been pretty nice and sunny though. My boss, Greg, is very nice, and so is his wife Julie. They have two small kids, Paige and Alan. Paige loves horses, and we take her out riding a lot. She loves hanging out with the girls, Sara and I. Sara is the other wrangler, and we get along so well. She goes to Baylor and is originally from Oklahoma. She’s a strong christian, as is one of the fishing guides. Since we can’t get off work for church we’ve been holding a bible study with just the three of us. It’s just awesome how God placed us all there together.
Well I’m about to start the long drive back to the ranch. Sorry I’ve had trouble keeping in touch! Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

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