Windtalkers (2002)

If you like John Woo’s action sequences, that may be reason enough to see this movie. I cannot think of any other reason. They have taken a good cast (Nick Cage and Christian Slater) and paired them up with two very interesting Navaho actors in an extremely interesting historical time period and still failed to create a good movie. The movie appears as little more than a collage of special effects and explosions.
The movie starts on the reservation as the Navaho soildiers are getting on a bus and being swarn into the military. I immediately was thinking, “Huh?”. They didn’t give any background. There is a sequence with Nick Cage on the Solomon Island and during one of the few lines of dialog, it is revealed that the navy’s codes were broken during that battle, hence the need for the new codes.

I wanted to see more about the Navaho; how they got there; how the code was developed. There is a subplot with a girl named Rita but it is not explored. Nick Cage speaks Japanese in one scene – how did he learn japanese in South Phili?

Skip it.

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