Shark Pit

With my dive buddy, Raul Estravit, I went on a trip to the Shark Pit, just off the southern coast of Guam, on the Orote Peninsula. Raul drove us to the boat dock. The boat “Scuba Roo” was pretty good size with probably 40 people on board. We sailed out into the pacific to an area that was like an old dumping ground. I presume the sharks liked all the trash.

The boat ride around the penninsual was very memorable. Each wave was bigger than the last. at one point the wave were bigger than the boat. I could not see over the crest of the oncoming waves. The boat rode up an down these monster waves. Just when I thought the next wave would swamp us, we rounded the penninsula and the waved died down to nothing.

The military used to dump their trash right off the cliff into the water. This trash included tanks, trucks, trailers, you-name-it. I only got about 15 minutes of bottom time but we got to a depth of 90 feet averaging about 60 foot. Visibility was better than any lake dive but not as good as the Florida Keys. I saw grouper, str fish, sea urchins, lots of tyes of coral. I used an underwater camera to take a few pictures.

In this picture you can see the pit that has been blow away in the side of the cliff. There is no way to know if this shot was fired in anger or in boredom.

It has been a while since I went diving so I had to keep asking to make sure I remembered everything. I almost jumped in the water without my regulator ready or my BC inflated. That would have been bad.

Max Depth:


Avg Depth:


Air Temperature:


Water Temp at Surface:


Water Temp at Depth:


Pressure In:
Pressure Out:


Visibility Horizontal:


Visibility Vertical:




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