Cancún – Deep Dive

On a family vacation to Cancún, Mexico, Jim and I went Scuba diving using a local “dive shop”. This dive shop consisted of a shack down the beach from our hotel. The Dive guides were a couple of kids that were about 15 and a small whale boat maybe 20′ long. There was one other divers in the boat but he did not seem to have any experience. We were given the option of a shallow or a deep dive. We opted for one of each. That was just one mistake in the chain.
They took us out near the channel between Isla Mujeres and Cancún on the Carribean side. The cost was $48 + 20% tax for a 2 tank, 2 dive trip. We dropped over the side with one of the boys leaving the other boy in the boat with the other customer from Dallas who did not see to have a clue. We dropped down about 45′ and found ourselve smack dab in the middle of a 10 knot current. We finally go down to the bottom where the current was disrupted by the coral heads. The visibility was great. You could see all the way to the surface and 50′ in every directions.

We got about 30 minutes of bottom time before the boy from the dive shop came around to head us back to the boat. Instead of going around the coral head he went over it, hand over hand. I did not have any gloves so Jim and I had to kick our way against the current. We swam up to a rope that was hanging from the boat. We grabbed on to the rope and it felt like we were being dragged behind a moving boat but it was just the current. We returned to the boat for a lunch on the boat

Max Depth:


Avg Depth:


Air Temperature:


Water Temp at Surface:


Water Temp at Depth:


Pressure In:
Pressure Out:


Visibility Horizontal:


Visibility Vertical:




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